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Sid lays a hand on Joe’s back as they walk back to the ambulance, having left Marvelous and Don to themselves once more. “That went really well,” he says, turning to smile at Joe. “I’m glad that you and Don got on so well, I don’t think that would have gone nearly so smoothly if you hadn’t been here.” He’s not exaggerating at all; judging from how Marvelous had described him on the phone, Don had been greatly calmed by Joe’s presence. He’d been so brave, Sid hadn’t been able to help the urge to give Don a little petting on his fluffy curls when it was all done with. “Thank you for your help, Joe.” He strokes the back of Joe’s neck briefly before they get into the ambulance. Sid starts it up and backs it out of Marvelous’s driveway carefully.

“And I don’t think we need to worry about the possibility of abuse, either,” he adds as he drives. Marvelous’s every gesture had been loving and gentle, and Don had accepted them all happily, affectionately, never once flinching from his touch or looking the slightest bit uncomfortable in his presence. “I’m glad of it, Don seems like a very sweet boy.” Joe had seemed reluctant to leave him, like he’s grown attached in a way he usually doesn’t with patients. Or with the other catpeople at the clinic, for that matter - Joe has always been a little detached, and while he’s as fond of George as anyone, Sid can’t picture Joe cuddling with him the same way he’d done with Don just now.

“We’ll see him again soon,” Sid says, reaching over to pat Joe’s knee. “Marvelous is going to take good care of him, and with any luck he’ll be healed up when we give him his check-up.” They stop at a red light, and Sid turns to look at Joe. “If you want, I’ll give you official clinic director permission to give him a call now and then to check in on him. I think he’d be happy to hear from you.”
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Upbringing – how, and with whom, was he raised/did he grow up?

Canon makes this a total mystery to us, but here is my headcanon: Sid was raised in some kind of foster care/group home situation. His parents died when he was young, and he has no blood siblings. There were a lot of other kids at the place where he grew up, coming and going at pretty irregular intervals, all of them coming from different situations and backgrounds. But whoever it was that was doing the caretaking (probably not just one person) put a lot of emphasis on the importance of expressing yourself as well as getting along with others, giving everyone a chance, sharing and watching out for each other, that sort of thing. They never really had a lot of money, but they had enough to get by and everyone shared what they had. So Sid grew up surrounded by lots of other kids, all of them different from him, and he grew up into a very open-minded and accepting person. Of course, with some of the other kids around him having come from abusive situations, he also learned the importance of protecting yourself, and that while most people are great if you give them a chance, some people are cruel and want to hurt you and make you miserable, and it is okay to protect yourself and others from people like that. He comes out of all of this very determined to never be a bully, and to always do right by other people. He doesn’t like seeing anyone in pain, and wants to help people whenever he can. He wants to use his strength to protect others, not to hurt.

What does Sid think about everyone?

The short answer here is Sid loves everyone because that is just what he does. But here are some specifics (and I am saving Joe for later because he was asked for specifically).

Marvelous: Sid thinks Marvelous lives up to his name. First of all, he is very, very grateful to Marv for saving Joe and for taking care of him all this time. And he thinks Marv is a good leader and a good captain. He also thinks Marv could stand to drop a few tsuns – the phrase sunao ja nai ne comes to mind here. But he knows that some people are not comfortable expressing their feelings (or even acknowledging that feelings are a thing that they have) so he tries not to let the tsuns get to him.

Luka: Sid likes Luka a lot! He thinks she is just swell. He admires her spirit and her determination to make her dream of giving all the children orphaned by Zangyack a home come true. Sid is pretty invested in anything that would give orphaned kids a home, because he was an orphan too, so Luka’s dream is the kind of thing that’s very close to his heart. He would love to support that dream in any way he can. (Fandom secret: I could actually almost ship them in a let’s make the universe safe for babies together way had Sid/Joe(/Ahim) not become the flagship of my armada in this verse, lol.)

Don: Sid thinks Don is brilliant and adorable and he wants to ruffle his hair. Look at that hair. It is the fluffiest hair Sid has ever seen. He likes how Don is so willing to contribute his strengths to the team, how generous and helpful he is. He admires Don’s skill at engineering. Also, Sid has a protective streak a mile wide, and Don’s moe kind of mashes Sid’s protectiveness buttons. He wants to give Don all the playful hair tousles and manful shoulder claps okay, all of them.

Ahim: Oh, Ahim. Sid really, really likes Ahim. He thinks she is so wonderful. She’s just so gracious and kind and patient and caring and regal and... (do you see the hearts in his eyes yet?) He loves her so much for taking care of him, and even more for taking care of Joe. And he is just very charmed by her. He knows that she does not really want to be treated any differently because she’s a princess, and he respects that. And at the same time it is really hard for him to resist the urge to be kind of... I’m not sure if the word chivalrous is really what I mean, but there are things he would like to do for her that he might not really think of doing for anyone else? What I am trying to say is that Sid would like to very respectfully kiss the back of her hand at some point, if that’s alright with her.

Gai: Gai is a puppy face. Sid is a dog person. They get on very well! Sid is very impressed with Gai’s sincerity and earnestness, and how uninhibited he is about expressing his joy over the things that he loves. He thinks that’s really great and he is happy to listen earnestly to all of Gai’s flailing about Super Sentai (Sid actually reads the encyclopedias!) or how great the Earth is or anything like that. Whenever they converse, the sincerity is almost palpable (or, as some might say, smothering).

Basco: Oh. Oh Basco. Sid has a lot of thoughts on Basco. He is sincerely grateful to him for saving his life and all that, and once they get to know each other more Sid discovers that they have something pretty crucial in common – that they are both not completely human, and that their bodies are both products of Zangyack imperialistic oppression, albeit in different ways. Sid feels a kind of kinship with him because of this. He also thinks Basco really needs someone to anchor him, and go after him when he storms off, and stop him from making poor decisions. If they were Homestuck trolls, Sid would realize that he has the palest of pale feelings for Basco, and would try to cement a moirallegiance with him, but they are not Homestuck trolls so they don’t have the vocabulary for this.

When he was younger, what did he see himself doing?

Sid was one of those kids who changed his mind about what he wanted to be when he grew up every day, if not more often. Figuring most consistently in his plans for the future were helping people, doing heroic things, going on adventures, traveling to the stars, that sort of thing. If he hadn’t grown up on a Zangyack-controlled planet, he probably would have wanted to join the space police. Probably at some point he considered staying on at his home to help take care of the new kids coming in, but he is really given to wanting to travel so staying in one place forever wasn’t the most appealing option to him, in the end.

What makes him angry?

Sid feels angry when he sees things like one person taking advantage of/hurting another, or social injustice. He feels angry about being lied to by the Zangyack for basically his entire life. He feels angry about being transformed and used by the Zangyack as a tool for destruction and oppression. He feels angry when he sees someone he loves in pain or being hurt if there’s nothing he can do to make it better.

He also feels angry when he has to go through metal detectors at security checkpoints in various important Earth buildings. Do not get him started on security checkpoints. He understands that they are there to keep people safe, but they can be very frustrating if you have a couple dozen kilos of metal inside your body. Fortunately he does not have to deal with them very often, as the Gokaigers have their own flying pirate ship and therefore do not have a lot of need to go to airports.

What makes him happy?

Sid feels happy when he’s with Joe. He feels happy when he’s around the people he loves as a general rule, really. He feels happy when he sees someone else feeling happy. He feels happy when he stands in the crow’s nest of the Galleon and looks at the stars at night. He feels happy when he accomplishes something he’s been working hard to achieve. He feels happy when he has a good conversation with one of the new members of Joe’s family, because he wants them to become his family too. All of them. Yes even you Tomato get over here right now. He feels happy when he’s able to help someone who needs it.

Does he have any favorite songs to sing/hum along to?

I’m sure there are some songs from his home planet that he still remembers and hums sometimes, but he doesn’t make a huge production of it or anything. And he may have received a random collection of Earth music from Gai that he listens to somewhat avidly, though he occasionally finds Earth music a little baffling. He probably likes the instrumental stuff best, because then he doesn’t have to try to interpret abstract lyrics or wonder why someone would write a whole song about butts.

Can he sing?

Oh, certainly, he is capable of singing. Whether he can sing well is for the listener to decide XD who am I kidding, he’s played by Gaku-sempai, of course he can sing well

How does he feel about women in the military/women fighting?

Given what happened to him and Joe, Sid’s feelings about anyone being in the military are mixed, at best. But as for what he thinks of women fighting in general, I don’t think he has any problem with it – women are just as capable of fighting and defending themselves as anyone else, and gender seems to him to be a pretty silly reason to say a person can or can’t do a certain thing.

What Earth food does he enjoy best?

Coffee! Sid has a great appreciation for coffee. There are so many kinds and different ways of roasting them and different blends and in conclusion coffee is just great. I bet he spit-takes when he hears that a cup of coffee is, in some places, referred to as “a cup of joe.”

Does he have any vices?

Okay I’m not sure if this is quite the kind of thing the question is asking for, but Sid is a bit of a stickler for his morning routine, and it throws off his day a bit if he doesn’t get it all done properly - get up, nudge Joe to get up, shave, brush teeth, nudge Joe a second time because come on Joe it’s a beautiful morning, start the coffee pot, do fifty pushups, nudge Joe a third time with a bit more urgency, pour two mugs of coffee so that Joe’s will be ready for him when he shambles out of bed dragging his feet with his eyes still half-closed, sit down at the table with coffee and that tablet thing that Gai brought him for using the internets, drink coffee while reading the morning headlines. It is now six AM. Sid is a committed morning person.

What are his guilty pleasures?

Okay this is a secret but sometimes, sometimes when he and Joe were in the military, Sid would let himself peek a little at Joe when they were in the shower. Sometimes he would touch Joe (but never in an inappropriate way, mind!) for really contrived reasons. He would always feel guilty about this sort of thing afterwards because he doesn’t want to abuse the sacred bond of trust they have! That trust is very important! But sometimes he would like to look at Joe with intentions that are only 99% pure.

What is his favorite animal?

Well, I don’t know about what kind of animals there were on Sid’s home planet, but as Earth animals go, he is as previously mentioned a dog person (not that he has any problem with cats, dogs are just more his speed). He also likes eagles and hawks and other majestic birds of prey. And dragons, dragons are bosses, even if they’re not real.

Does he enjoy reading?

Sid likes reading quite a bit. He’s always found fiction very inspirational; growing up he loved stories about brave heroes going on adventures, making daring rescues, stopping the bad guys, and saving the world. And he likes to keep up with current events so that he knows what’s going on in the galaxy. After he wakes up and is in recovery he probably takes some time to just read and catch up on what he’s missed over the past few years.

Would he want people to read aloud to him?

During the time when he’s bedridden and can’t see, yes, he would like that. It would be a welcome distraction from everything he’s dealing with, and would bring to mind pleasant memories of being read to as a kid by his caretakers or older foster siblings. And I think at least some of the time he’d be a pretty active listener, wanting to talk about what’s happening in the story and all that.

Are there any memories/words of advice from his childhood that help him now?

Oh, definitely! He’s always thinking back to the things he learned from his caretakers, like the importance of giving other people a chance, trying to understand the other person’s point of view, that sort of thing. And that it’s okay to feel however you’re feeling, and there’s no need to beat yourself up inside for feeling the way you do.

His feelings on Joe?

Sid Bamick’s feelings on Joe Gibken deserve their own post. Heck, they deserve their own comm. But to put it relatively succinctly: Sid loves Joe. He loves him very dearly and always has. His feelings for Joe are a mixture of “best friend” and “younger brother I am very proud of” and “person I want to kiss but do not want to force anything on so I will just stay quiet about the kissing feelings.” Basically there is no one in the universe who Sid Bamick cares about more than Joe Gibken.

His feelings on Joe/Ahim?

Sid’s heart is kind of torn about Joe/Ahim. He watches their interaction and he can tell that there’s something between them, and he is honestly happy that Joe has someone who loves and cares for him so much. And at the same time, he feels a little sad about it, because he thinks he might have missed his chance at winning Joe’s heart. But he doesn’t want to discourage Joe from pursuing a relationship with Ahim! But he has all these feelings for Joe! HE IS SO TORN. I hope one day he will realize that threesomes solve everything.


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